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TN Hydrovac is the leading provider of Hydro Excavation in the Southeast. Hydro Excavation, which is commonly used for slot-trenching, potholing, and pipe location, is less evasive; therefore, causing less damage to buried fiber-optic lines, cables or utility pipes.

Why Choose Hydro Excavation?

Uncovering miles of buried underground utilities by traditional mechanical means can be complicated and dangerous. In addition, digging by hand is time-consuming and difficult. Hydro Excavation is a process that utilizes water pressure and suction to excavate soil. This process reduces the chance of striking and damaging underground utility lines. This, in turn, reduces additional costs to repair and reconstruct damaged underground utility lines.

Not only is the risk of disaster virtually eliminated, but damage to line casings and pipe coating are not a worry, either. This process allows for exposure of energized buried lines. Hydro Excavation is a non-mechanical and non-destructive method of uncovering buried utilities. Utility companies across the nation are favoring this type of utility exposure because of the immense safety benefit. No longer is accidental line damage a concern.


Piling and Pier Holes

Utility and Electrical power companies use TN Hydrovac to safely excavate piling and pole holes.

TN Hydrovac safely and productively excavates to locates buried underground utilities. This process is 100% safe to both the utility and its protective coating. Hand digging is time consuming and intensive on your workforce. TN Hydrovac can dig 100% faster and safer than hand digging resulting in faster results and safer dig practices.


Sewer Jetting/Televising

Subsurface Utility Engineering

TN Hydrovac specializes in utility potholing and daylighting. Engineering firms across the state use

TN Hydrovac to complete SUE. By doing this, firms can positively identify underground buried utilities and give a positive identification on the blueprint they are preparing. 

Trenching/Remote Digging

By using TN Hydrovac to dig your trenches you are creating a worry free worksite for utility strikes. TN Hydrovac can park its unit on the curb and reach up to 500' to a excavation location, also resulting in digging where a mechanical machine may not be able to reach. 


Roof Ballest Removal

Sewer Jetting and Line Televising.

TN Hydrovac has the state of the art equiptment to clean lines and televise to locate the break or obstructions. 

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