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TN Hydrovac is a trusted and most requested hydro excavation company. Minority, WBE Certified, Family owned and operated, TN Hydrovac has the newest state of the art equipment to safely and productively serve our customers. Hydro Excavation is the means of using high pressurized water and a simultaneous vacuum to remove the spoils. This process is 100% safe to excavate around utilities and obstructions in the ground to give a positive identification. We run our services nationwide. All of our operators are OQ trained, Confined Space, First Aid and CPR, Trench rescue and OSHA trained. Additional applications include but are not limited to​; 

  • Potholing/Daylighting

    • Utility Line Exposing​

    • Subsurface Utility Verification

    • Cathodic Anode Installation

  • Trenching

    • Installation - Cable and Pipes​

    • Investigation - Slot Trenching

    • Drain Tiles

  • Piling and Pole Holes

    • Pilot Holes and Full Depth Piling Holes​

    • Utility Pole Holes

    • Pole Removals and Replacements

  • Debris Removal/Cleanouts

    • Rock, Liquid, Sludge, Mud, Water Removal​

    • Road and Box Culverts

    • Manhole and Electrical Vaults

    • Catch Basins

    • Elevator Shaft Cleanouts

    • Tank and Structure Clean outs

    • HDD Mud Removal 

  • Pits, service and maintenance ​​​​

    • Service and Splice Pits​

    • Fault Maintenance and Repair

    • Pipeline Tie-In

    • Integrity Repair

    • Pipeline Crossings 

  • Sewer Cleaning/Jetting

  • Camera/Televising Lines

  • Telecommunications

  • Municipal Utilities

  • Plants and Refineries

  • Sub-surface Utility Engineering

  • ​Pipelines​

  • Commercial Construction

  • Storage Tanks

  • Electrical Utilities

  • Farm and Ranch

  • Environmental

  • Public Works

  • Road Construction

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